Vancouver, British Columbia--(March 15, 2018) - Arctic Star Exploration Corp (TSXV: ADD) (OTCQB: ASDZF) (FSE: 82A1) (WKN: A2DFY5) ("Arctic" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that another new kimberlite grouping has been discovered on its 100% owned Timantti Diamond Project in Finland (the "Project"). This discovery was made when the excavator, pit-sampling the basal till in the northern part of the 243 Ha Exploration Permit, exposed two bifurcating kimberlite dykes approximately 2.2 kilometres north of the Wolf kimberlites.

The discovery, being referred to as the Vasa kimberlite dyke swarm, was made in two pits 10 metres apart. The first pit revealed a single 1.2 metre wide kimberlite dyke, while the second pit exposed two bifurcating dykes, of similar width. These dykes, with one striking almost east-west and the second striking approximately north-south appear to merge into one another in the pits. The kimberlites look very similar to the mica-rich and olivine-bearing variety present at the Wolf kimberlite discoveries 2.2 kilometres to the South.

The kimberlite in the Vasa pits is the intensively weathered variety known as yellow ground, similar to the Wolves. The presence of a full suite of kimberlitic indicator minerals, demonstrating deep lithosphere sampling, has been confirmed by the GTK (Finnish Geological Survey) although these minerals have not yet been chemically analyzed.

Buddy Doyle, VP Exploration stated, "This is the first kimberlite discovery away from the Wolf area and as such represents a totally new system and provides further proof that here at Timantti, we are dealing with a kimberlite field. We suspect that, based on public information, the field is measured in tens of kilometers in extent. It is known that an extensive kimberlite indicator mineral plume occurs in the till along the Russian border, 30 kilometers to the East. The kimberlites discovered thus far in the area, cannot explain the extent of this plume."

The drill rig was dispatched to this area and has completed four angled reconnaissance holes on a 40-metre-long north-south traverse for a total of 160 metres of drilling. The holes were inclined at 45 degrees. Two separate kimberlite dykes were intercepted by the drilling, varying in width from 0.9 to 1.6 metres. Again, kimberlitic Indicator minerals from the deep lithosphere, were present in the drill core.

The following table summarizes the essential data on drill holes for this release:

Hole No. Easting
VS-002 4472300 7337440 180/45 60.4 31.1 32.0 0.9 Kimberlite
VS-003 4472298 7337421 150/45 41.3 18.9 20.1 1.2 Kimberlite
VS-004 4472298 7337421 165/45 40.1 17.0 18.9 1.9 Kimberlite

Notes: Co-ordinates use the KKJ system. Core diameter: 36mm, maximum true widths will be approximately 70% of the drill intercepts reported if the dykes are vertical. The Country Rock consisted of quartzites, schists and greenstones, the till cover was 4-5m thick downhole in each hole. Drill hole VS-001 did not intersect kimberlite.

The intercept in drill hole VS-002 appears to be a separate dyke to those exposed in the pits, the intercepts in VS-003 and VS-004, are thought to be the same east-west dyke as in the pits. Therefore, with the merging dyke exposed in the second pit there have been three separate dykes identified thus far, in this swarm.

Approximately 32 kg of kimberlite material from the pits is being sent for caustic fusion and indicator mineral analysis. Similarly, the kimberlite core will be split and sent for the same analyses. Detailed petrology and age dating will also be conducted on all relevant discoveries to gain a deeper understanding of this newly recognized kimberlite group.

The current focus is on the 243 Ha Exploration Permit area however this will expand to cover the adjacent and surrounding 95,700 Ha Exploration Reservation in the near future. Here the Company anticipates using airborne geophysics and more regional till sampling to potentially discover more kimberlites over the larger land package. This regional work will be followed up by drill testing of priority rated anomalies.

The drill rig is now testing the Grey Wolf discovery (see news release February 20, 2018) and the details of the kimberlite intercepts here will be the subject of a future news release. After testing the Grey Wolf kimberlite, the drill will move to the White and Black Wolves to collect a large caustic fusion sample to better understand the grade and size of these diamondiferous bodies.

The Qualified Person for this news release is Roy Spencer, Fellow AUSIMM, a Geologist of over thirty years´ experience in diamonds.

About Arctic Star

The Company owns 100% of the recently acquired Timantti Diamond Project including a 243 Ha Exploration Permit and a 95,700 Ha Exploration Reservation near the town of Kuusamo, in Finland. The project is located approximately 550km SW of the operating Grib Diamond Mine in Russia. Arctic has commenced its exploration in Finland on the Timantti Project, where four diamondiferous kimberlite bodies may represent the first finds in a large kimberlite field. The Company also controls diamond exploration properties in Nunavut (Stein), the NWT (Diagras and Redemption) and a rare metals project in BC (Cap).

Arctic Star has a highly experienced diamond exploration team previously responsible for several world class diamond discoveries.


Scott Eldridge, President & CEO
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Patrick Power, Executive Chairman
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Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. Forward-Looking Statements: Certain statements in this press release are forward-looking statements within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Forward-looking statements in this press release include that the Timantti Project transaction is a pre-eminent opportunity.


Diamond Indicator Minerals from the Timantti Project in Finland:

Source: Arctic Star Exploration Corp.

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