The International Metal Writers Conference brings experts, CEOs and investors to Vancouver

As the market returns, the timing’s ideal for the world’s junior mining capital to host this two-day investors’ conference.

Listen to the analysts, pick up some tips and meet company reps face-to-face—what better way for investors to scrutinize opportunities in junior mining? As the market returns so does Cambridge House International with its Vancouver spring event, now called the International Metal Writers Conference and taking place May 28 to 29. Something like 50 speakers and 60 exhibitors will take part, promising a busy, productive and maybe profitable two days.

It’s the largest gathering of investment newsletter writers from around the world, says Cambridge House. As president Jay Martin notes, “These are people who actively track companies and provide great analysis, so it’s time to bring them back to the podium. We have speakers with exceptional track records over the last year or two. Investors come to us to expedite their research process, so we seek out individuals successful in picking companies with impressive share price performance.”

On hand will be not just newsletter writers but also big name analysts—Rick Rule and Frank Holmes, for example—who became rich and famous by first of all becoming rich. Successful mine-finders, up-and-coming explorers and others will join in presentations, workshops and panel discussions.

With so many speakers, viewpoints will reflect a wide range of perspectives. But the focus remains tight. “It’s 100% junior mining,” Martin emphasizes.

Exhibitors have been capped at 60. “We absolutely could have accommodated a larger number but we wanted to be a bit more selective. It provides a greater way to show all the companies in proportion to attendees.”

As for the latter, Martin’s forecasting 3,000 to 3,500, based on the pace of pre-registration. These are real players, people with a considerable stake in the game. Surveys of recent Cambridge House conferences show over 50% of attendees have invested over $100,000 each. Some 20% have invested over $500,000. “I expect both those numbers to increase,” he says, crediting the upturn. “More people are coming out, more gains are being made. It’s a good time to be an investor in junior mining.”

One of the advantages they’ll find is the Cambridge House concierge service. “Even before you walk in the door you can already have lined up several pre-arranged one-on-one meetings with all the companies you’re interested in,” Martin explains. “That’s in addition to walking on the trade show floor, seeing what’s interesting and having some spontaneous conversations. We’ll have a VIP concierge room off to the side, so if you’ve requested a meeting there’ll be a host to greet you, a private table waiting for you and coffee ready. Anything we can do to improve your experience we’re working on it because there really is no better method of investor due diligence than face-to-face conversation with company management, and we’re happy to provide that.”

Attendees can request the company interviews during the free online registration process.

One disappointment, though. The final event, One Million Ounces of Gold, isn’t a door prize. But there’s an intriguing consolation. “It’s a feature we’re assembling with Frank Holmes,” Martin says. “We’re assembling a variety of junior gold-producing companies that collectively account for one million ounces of gold production.” The panel discussion promises insight into the yellow metal as seen by those who actually produce it.

Hosting these conferences keeps Martin tuned in to the mood of the market and the word on the street. He’s convinced that a solid foundation supports today’s resurgent optimism.

“It’s time to get back in the market for sure. It’s been an amazing nine months, though a little bit rocky over the past few weeks, but I think we know how this is going to play out over the next couple of years. And in 2019 I think there’ll be investors who wish they had come back to the space in 2017, with the group that’s getting in today.”

The International Metal Writers Conference takes place May 28 and 29 under the sails at the Vancouver Convention Centre East. Avoid the $20 door charge by pre-registering for free.

“It’s going to be an excellent two days,” Martin enthuses.


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