Is the Super G 20 summit solving global problems and needs - or is it rather working on the establishment of a global dictatorship?

For the casual observer the term "G 20" seems to be massively overused in the mainstream media, and very few people are concerned about the frequent routine reports from the meetings. Readers give to them as much thought as to the quarterly reports of the local rabbit breeders association.

What exactly is actually "G 20"? Easy enough to explain: It is the informal grouping or congregation of a group. It consists of the twenty most important industrial and emerging countries, thus the global “heavyweights”, more precisely, the high ranking representatives of 19 States and the EU, who view themselves as the center of the world and the linchpin of world history.

In fact, the "G 20" and its great meetings have more than the full attention of the media. It has been regularly given an almost religious significance and is presented as a kind of "saving the world”- organization of the highest degree. Great expectations and significance are tied to the meetings. The group enjoys somewhat of a demi-God status and is considered as some kind of holy configuration that has only the salvation and well being of humanity in mind.

But is all this justified?

And what is the meaning and purpose of it all?

The establishment documents and the founder protocols provide here some basic information. The core and essence of the group’s activities: cooperation, consultation and agreements in all aspects of the international financial system.

Who attends the meetings?

Only members of the highest ranking classes from the world of international finance and of the political power elite from the top floors of power have access. First of all, of course, there are the powerful central bankers and finance ministers of the G-8, which shrank recently to G-7, since “evil Russia” was shut out of the Round Table. Also on board are the leaders of the member countries and the EU Presidency, but the latter only if, at the time of the meeting, none of the EU-countries holds the chairmanship of the whole group, otherwise Brussels would be considered “overrepresented”. Chairmanship and with it, the president-position, of course, are revolving.

Furthermore, the President of the ECB, the Managing Director of the IMF, the World Bank President and the respective chairmen of the

a) Development Committee of the IMF and World Bank and from the

b) International Monetary and Financial Committee are attending too.

Economically speaking, the group is a heavy weight. The 20 underlying economies generate about 82 % of all global trade, produce around 90 % of the total annual GDP generated by all of humanity, so almost the full economic power of the world congregates at the meetings.

Furthermore, the 20 countries represent approximately 67 % of the planet’s population.

The 20 members are listed quickly - which are: USA, China, EU (excluding the four economically strongest members), Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, England, Italy, Russia, Canada, India, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and finally South Africa, the only country from the earth’s second largest continent with its 51 nations, that made it to this round.

The organization, whose establishment was decided during the "World Financial Summit" in 1997, changed its face and composition a few times. For the first time, the group came together in April 1998 in Washington D.C, as the "G-22". In 1999 the group swelled to 33 members (“G-33”). But since December 1999 a shrinking process took hold. The final result was "G-20" as we know it today. Since 2 then, membership remained constant to this day. However, since February 2013, Switzerland has been granted an “observer status”. A proper and formal membership has so far not been awarded, though economic and financial power of the Alpine country is larger than those of Argentina or South Africa.

For 2014 is Australia the "Chair Country" and for 2015 Turkey will hold the chairmanship. Each country holding the Presidency and chair decides on invitations to a meeting, and ultimately also on the acceptance of new members.

So much for the background, composition and structure of the group.

At the last meeting, the United States in an overconfident manner, pushed itself to the foreground and, very convinced of its dominant status and power, made it clear to everyone that ‘We. by God´s grace, our economy and our dollars are and will remain forever the number one in the world and whatever we do in the areas of business, politics and finance, is always good for humanity. We are and remain the only economic, monetary and military alternative in the world, all-present, all-knowing and almighty.’ The UN Ambassador of the United States, overbearing Samantha Powers, stated in a somewhat arrogant tone and full of elitist conviction, that ´America is the best country in the world and I would never apologize for anything, what this great country does or omits´.

During the last summit, the German Foreign Minister, in a sharp verbal attack, lashed out on India. He gave this country the full blame for the general misery and poverty there and the financial policies of the Western countries, especially those of the Fed, were in no way to blame. This speech or this message was completely missing in the final communique. Also, any reference to the fiscal measures and politics, including the creation of oceans of new artificial paper money out of thin air by the Western central banks, was missing too. This shows the presence of various inner conflicts of the G- 20, essentially between the respective interests of developing and emerging countries on the one hand - and the Western nations on the other.

Clearly stated and enforced resolutions and decisions with binding character for all members, similar to those passed by a Parliament or a central government, the G-20 can not muster, at least not yet. However, it is celebrating “itself”, the congregation enjoys and amazes itself in a festival-like mood. This kind of festivity reminds the observer on the Congress of Vienna at the end of the Napoleonic period around 1815. It lasted for years and the program consisted of non-stop dancing, eating, drinking, endless talks and flattering conversations, without anything really happening. All participants knew each other well, greeted one another in an elaborate way, celebrated endless festivals, always keeping just among themselves, and some light-years away from the people. The media reported reverently to the astonished citizens of the countries represented in Vienna, about glamorous images, grand events, fashion, endless entertainments and great balls.

The situation in the context of the G-20 meetings is very similar. Then, as now the implementation of resolutions or intentions expressed during the meetings present a bleak picture. In Vienna at that time some country borders, drawn by Napoleon, were arbitrary and little crazy here and there, and some minor changes were made. The G-20 and its meetings are similar and also crazy to a degree and at the end cause very little changes in the real world. One indulges largely in platitudes, but not totally and completely as we will see in a moment.

The years ago overconfidently passed and widely published “decision” to reduce the debt of all 20 states by 50 % by the year 2013, was not only not met, on the contrary, the debt increased constantly year after year, on and on. Instead of reducing the red ink, the debt, depending on the individual country, has been doubled or even tripled. Furthermore, the publicly announced goal of a common fiscal policy and of a common taxation system accepted by all members, was never reached. The differences between the members are simply too big. Another missed opportunity: The intended reduction and taming of the nowhere registered, captured and controlled “shadow banking system” never materialized. On the contrary, the unregulated shadow banking monster grew and flourished like flowers after a good summer rain und is still extending its power and influence.

Not much else happened to the decision, to abolish the "too big to fail" policy, and to eliminate or at least minimize the entire range of the endless major bank bailouts. As soon as a bank encounters some problems, Uncle Sam, the ECB or the taxpayer immediately rush in to help. The natural cleansing system of market forces that heal a sick financial system is still blocked and prevented from much-needed revisions, corrections and elimination of the ever increasing debt excesses.

Likewise, from any true liberalization in the economies and in international trade, no trace can be found either. On the contrary, interference and interventions by the governments have steadily increased almost on a monthly basis, with one exception: they never do impact the interests of the high finance sector. Furthermore, the self-set growth targets of the economies were never achieved and had to be subsequently corrected and revised downward again and again. With their forecasts and publicly announced number works, the G-20 was as good as always way out of line.

Almost all of those attending the last meeting in Sydney, flew back home from the Holy Grail, just to announce and repeat the usual phrases. They solemnly proclaimed with great conviction, as they always did: "Next year, the growth rate of the economy, unfortunately, will fall once again. But only very little" And the numbers of layoffs and the jobless rise in reality again, but only marginally. Growth forecasts have suddenly become "extremely problematic". However, everything is well under control, and thanks to the central banks as sacred cure-all miracle worker institutions, the economy will recover in a dramatic way and everything will become much much better very soon. The big breakthrough is lurking just around the corner, ready to jump like a tiger. Everything you sillyheads need is boundless confidence in us, the big and great G-20, in the divine central banks and in the almighty super currency, called “the dollar”. Just believe in us, you morons, and all is well and will get better and better, prosperity will soon be boundless.

South Africa, India, France and China at the last meeting, refused to openly recognize the "adopted" growth figures as binding. Also, it was generally agreed not to devalue the currencies of the Member States. One day after the last meeting, Beijing promptly devaluated, completely irreverent, the Yuan against other currencies.

The agreements with respect to the regulation of financial markets adopted during the meeting, was torpedoed several times. The United States was in favor of a tougher approach, but Australia was strictly against it. The Europeans tried to impose their transaction tax plans on the others. As good as all the non-Europeans, especially the United States, were vehemently against it. Finance High-Priest Mario Draghi (the name in his home country meaning: “the dragon”) gave a lengthy sermon down from with dollar garlands beautifully decorated financial pulpit. His message in brief: ‘It would be high time that all the members fully understand, that absolutely all of them should much less promote the interests of their own country, but, above all, honor the welfare of the large international community of the entire world and their central banking system with a world government soon to come. Those who would not obey and implement corresponding measures to promote and support the new world order, would be responsible for the downfall of the entire solar system or worse. And it were five minutes before 12.00 in order to finally create in earnest the world super state, with one central bank, one single currency, one legal system, one world police, one economy, one uniform financial system with central regulation and administration.’ The setting-up of re-education and concentration camps for the millions of dissidents was not mentioned.

After “the dragon”, completely out of breath, finished, there were some worried looks, some bored faces, some heavy nodding of wise heads, and, hardly to believe, at some places, an outbreak of subdued chuckles and even - quite embarrassing - albeit some giggling.

All 20 Member States represented and fostered basically always their self-interests, with the exception of Germany, which is reminiscent of a blunt and brain amputated cash cow that is milked continuously with great force until the milk turns bloody. No protest to be heard from Berlin. And, very much to Draghi´s chagrin, the time to the complete setup of a world-control center for Global Politics, Global Finance with only a single bank, with the World Court, World Police, World tactical squads, and 4 assault teams, World tax authority and World ministries of all kinds (such as the Ministry of Truth), it is likely to take longer than planned. These delays might even dampen his megalomania to a certain degree.

All this clearly shows that the G-20 meetings seem actually quite meaningless and lacking of concrete measures and actions implemented in unison. They provide only great opportunities to the media with largely entertaining value, as well as adulation and great praise to the skies for those who present themselves as the great global saviors from crisis-ridden problems, they themselves have caused in the first place.

And they convey to the astonished people in a convincing manner the feeling of a pseudo security: Look here, we´re sitting rigidly steadfast in the saddle, everything is under control, we plan and act only for your own sake and your very best. Paper money, pensions, utilities, water, food, health, peace and security are thanks to our charitable activities guaranteed forever and ever. The crisis has long been over. So stay put, be nice, obediently and quiet, well-behaved, docile and especially ignorant. Just sit, without any own thoughts, in front of your TV set. Never venture into real values, for heaven’s sake, especially not into gold or silver, God beware, that is all pure glitter and useless junk. Be a good citizen, stay in the absolutely safe domains of the dollar, euro, pound and yen. That ´s good. Your will have made it.

The bad news: The G-20 will meet again later during the course of the year to another round, discussion and celebration, this time in Brisbane, Australia.

Unknown to the public was the importance of the last summit. In the shadow and against the background of the Syrian war, the G-20 summit was massively played down by the media and no one reported anything about the far-reaching decisions taken.

Nevertheless the last meeting was probably the most important ever. The most far-reaching decision in the history of this non-elected entity had been taken. Not a word about it in the press or on TV. And this time all 20 members fully agreed and will cooperate in unison in this matter as well.

Every citizen of the world will be directly affected. The wolf in sheep´s clothing showed his gleaming teeth fully bared. However, the media called this summit as "disappointing" and "largely irrelevant" to hide the explosiveness of the most important decision. What was it? What happend? Why was the truth suppressed?

It was about total and absolute control of every person of the world in the future, except the members of the ruling elite. As could have been expected, an installation of the “experiment Cyprus” on a global level had been agreed upon. The power of this gathering of 20 smart demolishers and suppressive totalitarian wreckers – forgiveness – wanted to say “great representatives of great nations” – seems to be sufficient to push such a sinister agenda through, making it apparent that the gathering of those 20 does not degenerate into a toothless nonsense club. After all, this summit represents about 90 % of the total world economic power. It would be in a sense the Himalaya of all global summit-activities. And with all overt or covert disagreements - when it comes to the total control, surveillance and enslavement of the citizen, all seem to agree for once.

Ostensibly, the official justification for this far-reaching decision and such a step was the global "prevention of tax evasion". In truth, all data possibly available should and will in future be automatically and globally collected, electronically stored, all details carefully evaluated and constantly brought up to date, keeping the masters of the world always fully informed of the latest state of affairs. Are all these efforts just for “tax evasion”? The costs of setting up the infrastructure and maintaining such a monstrous construct on a well coordinated global basis could be more than the current loss in taxes to governments. No, there is more to it than the eye can see. It is the free access to every bank account of every citizen, regardless of his domicile, in order to confiscate certain amounts that will be used to cover the debt of the states and governments in general and the debt of an insolvent banking system in particular. This way, the dollar-based financial system can be kept alive for decades to come. Any financial systemic problem can in future be resolved by simply expropriating the population a la Cyprus. Very effective and simple, is it not?

But all this will not stop at central “account-administration” and control. There is much more to it. The data and information collected also include among other items: All asset classes and property owned by any person, all personal data and details, family life and state, income, dividends, debt, family members, shares, bonds, savings and special accounts kept in any country, real estate, mortgages, loans, payment obligations, alimony, all financial transactions down to the grocery shopping, bankruptcies, arrears in payment obligations, which books are bought and read, which web sites are accessed, what phone numbers are dialed, the contents of e-mails, both sent and received, travel activities, vacation and holidays when, where and in which countries and places, motor vehicles, buying, selling and repairs, driving habits, fueling operations, medical conditions and treatments, dentistry, churchgoing and other religious practices, special habits, smoking, drinking, hobbies, home repairs and construction work, co-workers, friends and acquaintances, all personal contacts and circles of relatives, friends and equal minds, school, college and university degrees, certificates, continuing education, missed days at work, animal husbandry, garden works, applications, trade and exchange activities, restaurants visited, barber and hairdresser, specialists consulted, fashion preferences, if any, pregnancies and, of course, passports, drivers licenses, credit cards, cash withdrawals and - receipts, blood groups and genetic data - all to be delivered to the central planners of the global police state, stored indefinitely and constantly monitored and continuously brought up-to-date and carefully evaluated.

This entire electronically supported monstrous construct is to be fully operational by the end of 2015 at the latest. For spying and snooping on neighbors, relatives and friends and for all kind of “informative confidential messages” to big brother, financial incentives and benefits are created. Spies will be amply rewarded.

The “world-citizen”, made of highly polished clear glass, with no personal secret or any privacy left, is coming, and he is coming quickly.

It all begins with the collection and central registration of taxes, all financial transactions, income and wealth, and then the remaining details will be captured and stored very quickly.

This machinery installed in front of our eyes corresponds to a quasi-world government, which was neither elected nor subject to any controls of democratic processes. Absolutism, despotism and brutal dictatorship pure will be ruling.

The citizen has no rights to obtain any information, ask any questions, and has no influence whatsoever. In addition, the burden of proof is reversed. Not the state must prove any infraction or a misdemeanor, but the citizens must continuously prove that he has done nothing unjust, illegal or against the new rules. He has to feel guilty and committed to Big Brother all his life. He might even volunteer to pay more taxes. He or she would quite eagerly deliver every penny he or she could spare, only not to fall into the traps of this brutal machinery or get caught in the toxic nets of the international financial police, who simply invent "facts" of an alleged transgression or an “offense” without any proof. He lives under the dark umbrella of complete surveillance 24 hours a day, week after week, year after year. The citizen is squirming and wriggling like a squashed worm. He even has to report the insertion or the loss of a stainless steel crown of one of his molars within hours, as well as any consumption of a small watery ice cream in the People´s Park. It is then immediately and automatically checked at the global central registry by super-computers, whether this financial transaction, be it as minor as it could be, will corresponds to his income, assets and status of wealth - as a standard routine procedure now already common in Italy.

If the citizen is caught and the great mill begins to grind relentlessly, there is no possibility of appeal or raise any protest. Against the month-long or even permanent blocking of accounts or credit cards, for example, the citizen would be completely powerless. Any objections to this “world centre” located somewhere on another continent, with its massive faceless bureaucracy, would simply be ignored. Where or to whom exactly should the appeal be directed?

Will it be Brussels? Strasbourg? Berlin? Washington? London? Jerusalem, Canberra, Seoul, Kiev, Prague or Madrid? Everyone of those seemingly in charge, will declare itself as not competent and not responsible, if there ever comes an answer. If one would try to call, there is a voice: ‘This number is not in use’ or after dialing a number, music is playing for 12 hours and then the connection will be cut.

The arbitrariness of the globalists will have no limits. Hint: Anonymous gold and silver ownership can not be electronically "locked", nor “blocked”.

The activist standing in the spotlight, who whips this extensive matter and frightening measure through the decision making processes, holds a top position: It is IMF - head Mrs. Christine Lagarde. As a former French Minister, it comes as a surprise that her home was searched several times by police, last time in March 2013, because of all sorts of irregularities, alleged corruption, bribes and personal gains in the office and other offences. Several court cases in France are still pending.

This, once again, confirms the thesis and assumption that the real power working behind the scenes, which is essentially the high finance class, preferably selects people with a dark or shadowy past and hidden stains on the shiny shield. This makes them vulnerable to blackmail and pressure of all sorts at any time. The thread of impending disclosure and exposure of their past will make them completely obedient. They will perform like clockwork and will do anything as dictated by their well camouflaged masters in the background just to please them.

But with or without this kind of blackmail strategy:

If the great plan of world surveillance, total control and enslavement works out, and there seems to be no resistance, generations later, people will remember this woman as the figurehead of the action, the one who installed the suppressive total world control and monitoring apparatus.

Recently this lady presented another “grand idea” to the public: A global wealth tax of 10 % on all the assets of all citizens, wealthy or poor, must be implemented and centrally collected on a global basis, not only from their bank accounts but from the value of anything they own.

This "debt tax" is unfortunately needed “to save the system”, meaning: ‘to save the banks’. For now, it will only affect all accounts of $ 100,000 or higher. The various currencies of the numerous countries will be converted into dollars. This conversion and the selection of the base currency itself emphasizes the importance of the greenback, thus supporting its crumbling foundations.

The German government kept silent as far as this plan of expropriation is concerned. However, with or without any comment from Berlin: The whole plan is definitely “without any alternative", its implementation just a matter of time. Most likely, a major fabricated “event” like 9 / 11, possibly even with some atomic weapons to be used by “terrorists”, would overnight break any and all resistance offered.

After 10 % of all accounts and assets were confiscated and one year has passed, just like a completely natural process, the world tax authority will strike again. This time only a small deduction from all accounts will be made.

Any justification? Of course: The "general terrorism", the great distress of the poor banks, the overwhelming poverty, growing armies of unemployed, urgent counter-measures in the exploding field of national welfare with its soup kitchens, the very expensive globally enforced vaccination campaigns against some kind of “epidemic”, unfortunately require this central push of a the “extraction button”. There is no alternative because of the imminent threat of dark forces urging the compulsory salvation of the world´s population from all kinds of evil.

This time, unfortunately, another 25% of all accounts has to be transferred to the global specialists in expropriation, and those disposessed have no choice. But that´s not all: The limit of $ 100,000 had to be lowered down to $ 20,000.

Another year goes by. Suddenly, the global administrative headquarters of all accounts of the world once again reports back. This time around, all should thank God, because only 12 % of the remaining account balances will be stripped. The billions will disappear in massive belly of the Food and Agriculture Organizations and the vaccine producing pharmaceutical companies. Food, seeding, crops, vaccines and expensive pills and drugs for medical treatments are simply a must. Everybody can see that.

In addition, the unsanitary paper money as well as circulating coins, touched by all the people, including sick and ill persons, with all their evil communicable bacteria and new highly infectious viral strains that cover notes and coins had to be abolished. The new slogan in use reads: “Cash makes you sick!” Only healthy digital computer money and debt cards are allowed in order to curb epidemic outbreaks and avoid great suffering by the infected masses. Anybody opposed? And in addition, the extremely dangerous worldwide active terrorists would be finally cut from their financial lifelines. Eternal peace is the result. Is there a contradiction here? All this should be self-evident and logically comprehensible for everyone. Whoever does not see and comprehend all this or even renders any opposition, belongs immediately in a re-education camp with enforced organ spending. This too has "no alternative". The threat of being send to these camps with no return makes all citizens very quickly extremely docile.

But that´s still not enough: Another year has passed and the global financial major Administrator surprised again with an urgent message: “Most regrettably, we must once again 35 % deduct from your accounts in order to reduce the overall debt burden of the world, finance the war against the brand new disease threats and curb spreading of Ebola, Hanta, hair loss and all enemies of the holy dollar.

And this time, a l l accounts are affected, even those with a balance of 5 $ or 10 $. This is only fair and just, otherwise, unfortunately, we all might die, the entire planet including the complete human race, would disappear in a black hole or would be flushed down the global toilet. And we are absolutely sure that nobody wants that. Even our worst enemies fully agree.

In the middle of all these brutally enforced measures, raiding of accounts and centrally decreed expropriation processes with all their tumultuous side effects, one group or class of accounts are left completely untouched because: These assets and accounts belong to the global elite, the super-rich and the members of the high finance circles. Here are trillions of dollars involved. Those will automatically receive a "special treatment status".

These exceptions are, of course, never officially disclosed and admitted, but in practice this process of "saving" the leadership aristocracy covering it in total silence, will run to the full satisfaction of all beneficiaries like a well oiled machine. The motto of the powerful: "What about laws, regulations and rules? We do not fear them, we just make them!"

Power is simply just the eroticism of the money that´s behind the powerful. One age-old truth and fact has been completely forgotten: ‘Truly earned merits are services and deeds, where one earns nothing and served others.’

Of course, the worse these expropriation processes, the more shrinks the purchasing power of the population and thus the sales and industrial production with a corresponding increase in unemployment. To combat this destructive side-effect of expropriation, a further deduction from the accounts is urgently needed. How should we otherwise fund the powerful army of people without a job and save their miserable lives?

This time there are only 8 % to be transferred to the great world tax authority. The trend towards lower rates of subsequent deductions will be sold to the public as “true progress” and is not to be overlooked. The rates of deductions and the pace of expropriation, after all, reduce itself almost automatically. Peoples of the world, what more do you want?

Whether any forms of real resistance on a broad front against all these systematic expropriations might ever arise, remains doubtful. Too great is the apathy and general lethargy of the citizens. But growing poverty should not make poor in courage.

With the passing of all the measures mentioned above, my for decades ongoing sermons and predictions have come true. Hopefully you have not only started with the appropriate preparations but have completed them. The motto: ‘Moving away from paper “values” into real tangible assets, especially precious metals and, if possible also into farmland.’ If not, start this process right away, as long as this is still anonymously possible. If not now, then when? Does the age-old saying, that the prophet is ignored and not heard in his own country still apply?

And now, apart from the enrichment of the elites and the preservation of their dying system, is there another deeper meaning and purpose of this latest highly explosive G-20 decision?

For once, one dangerous side effect is building up in form of a world tax authority without any control by voters as well as the systematic building up of a world dictatorship.

Secondly, the disappearance of any privacy seems imminent. The individual is nothing, the almighty (world) state and central government are everything. Each resistance has to be nipped in the bud. If someone protests or is daring to offer any resistance, his account is simply locked or set to the level of Zero. He or she can then no longer buy or sell, cannot pay rent for the apartment, can no longer participate in social life, will be excluded from medical treatments and would eventually face starvation.

This then is the completely fair and just punishment for the evil dissenters and destructive critics of the superior, beautiful, mighty and beneficial system. That can easily be understood and accepted by everyone and his dog.

If major banks or certain states such as the one in the South of the EU, find themselves in any financial difficulty - and these have really not even started yet, - the beneficial world financial control center will act. For the sake of preservation of peace, creating prosperity, guaranteeing security from terrorism, preventing of terrible crises, famine, catastrophes, disasters and other horrible adversities, from each account and asset, unfortunately a small portion of, thank God, only 12 % will be deducted for the current year.

The next year, unfortunately again, another 10 % is payable and, if necessary, a further 18 % in the following year has to be confiscated - eh, wanted to say, gladly spent because of the urgent bank welfare. Except of course, are the ruling elites and members of the high finance class.

National boundaries and laws offer no protection any longer. National parliaments degenerated into pure powerless and miserable organizations whose members just nod in unison like tranquilized sheep when there is a “vote”. They still have some “power”. They decide and rule over matters such as the dog tax, rubbish collection days, the growth of moss on sloping roofs, strengths of cat collars, feeding times in zoos, if portable radios are allowed on nudist beaches, the temperature-limits of buttermilk delivered to supermarkets on Saturdays or the smell variants urban composting that have to be tolerated by the neighborhood.

The "global Cyprusation" is the new major goal and the first point on the agenda of the ruling elites. This masterpiece will be meticulously planned, prepared and ruthlessly implemented.

Is there a way out? What are the alternatives to mitigate this looming debacle with its disastrous effects? One solution, well proven in history, is the barter economy, simply called "Barter". Another alternative with a great record over thousands of years are the precious metals. They cannot be controlled and expropriated digitally. Especially silver in small units, common coins and bars, are likely to gain tremendously in popularity during such times. For all kinds of daily household and business activities, the “gold of the poor man on the street” is an indispensable helper. Remember: Possession of silver has never been illegal and the worldwide silver reserves are extremely small.

Even in the case of a gold ban, which would hardly be completely and fully enforceable on a worldwide scale, the eternal metal would, if it comes to extreme situations, have to go “in hiding” for a while, thus keeping and preserving it as the secret “family treasure”.

No crisis lasts forever and no totalitarian system has the divine gift of eternal life. In the not too distant future, figures like Mrs. Lagarde will become a tiny footnote in the history books and 3 Krugerrands will buy a medium-sized farm.

So do not worry and try to become self-sufficient as far as possible. The exchange economy and precious metals, a small farm or a large garden have never failed in history.

Even in the darkest of times, people always find a way out of the darkness into the light. Gold and silver then act as lighted candles in the pitch dark sooty chamber that help to find the way to the outside door and into the sunshine.

Moreover, it is by no means certain that the threatening idea of the “fullytransparent citizen with no privacy at all” can be realized to perfection on a global scale. There will always be loopholes, countermeasures and evasions.

Cheer up, we´re not finished yet and have a long way to go, secret G-20 decisions and Lagarde or not.

© Prof. Dr. H.-J. Bocker


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