Full size / Purple = Most favorable area for shallow intercept of brine-bearing zones with low resistivity / high conductivity.

Today, Belmont Resources Inc. announced that drilling at Kibby Basin in Nevada is expected to start after the day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Happy Thanksgiving, the time for a possibly stellar lithium brine discovery has come!

Belmont estimates that it will take about a week to reach the initial target depth of 366 m (1,200 ft.), whereafter down-hole geophysics will be applied to identify the most favorable zones for lithium-enriched brine aquifers (i.e. low resistivity / high conductivity) so that sampling and testing of potential aquifers can be carried out then. It’s possible that the target depth will be increased once favorable conditions are encountered during drilling and surveying. Specialized casing and equipment will be used in the drill hole to allow the best and most representative samples to be obtained.

This time, Harris Drilling will use a RD-10 rotary drill rig, which is much bigger and stronger than the rig used to drill the previous hole (KB-3). When the steel casing was attempted to be pulled from KB-3, the rig obviously did not have the pulling force necessary to free the casing so down-hole geophysics could not be applied as such a device does not work through steel. As the hole then caved in, the drillers could not pump test the multiple aquifers encountered throughout the hole. 

Below animation shows the locations of the next hole to be drilled (KB-4) and the previously drilled holes (KB-3, KB-2 and KB-1) in connection with MT resistivity survey results. It can be seen that KB-4 is within the purple area of high conductivity near surface, whereas KB-3, KB-2 and KB-1 were drilled at the edge of this area. 

Full size / Locations of drill holes (Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, Figure 4Figure 5)

In October, Belmont announced an expanded drill program with plans of up to 1,463 m (4,800 ft.) of additional drilling across 4 shallow holes as already permitted within the Kibby Basin MT survey area.

In March, Belmont received a Geophysical Report which included the results of a Spartan Magnetotelluric (MT) Survey over Belmont’s Kibby Basin Property. The survey was started in January by renowned Quantec Geoscience Ltd. and covered most of Belmont’s claims. One of the best identified zones of high conductivity / low resistivity is interpreted to be 6 km long and 3.5 km wide, including a thick (up to 1 km) zone of very low resistivity (between 1 and 0.14 Ohm-meters). 

Full size / See Rockstone Report #11 "Ohm-m! The Divine Sounding of Resistivity" for further details on resistivity and comparisons with other lithium brine projects. 

Full size / Belmont’s Kibby Basin is located just 50 km from the Clayton Valley, where large evaporation ponds represent North America’s only lithium brine operation, whereas MGX Minerals Inc. intends to deploy its rapid lithium extraction technology at Kibby in case favorable lithium brine zones are encountered with drilling. (See map online here)

Full size / Map showing the location of MGX-Belmont’s Kibby Basin, Tesla’s Gigafactory and Albemarle’s Silver Peak Lithium Mine. (See map online here)

See previous Rockstone Report #17 with comparisons to the near-by Clayton Valley, home of North America’s only lithium brine operation. 

Technical Perspective

Link to updated chart (15 min. delayed):

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Name: Belmont Resources Inc.
Canada Symbol: BEA
Germany Symbol / WKN: L3L1 / A1JNZE
Shares Issued & Outstanding: 88,226,620
Phone: +1 604 683 6648

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