Investment Portfolio Update

Much has happened at Zimtu Capital since the last Rockstone Report in May 2016. While conditions in the junior venture markets have somewhat improved, the Vancouver- and Toronto-based company has been very active building its portfolio of equity holdings in an array of venture companies – from exploration and mining to cutting-edge technology. Rockstone believes that we are at the early stages of a strong positive shift in commodity prices and investor sentiment in the public markets.

Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSX.V:ZC) is a public investment issuer which invests in, creates and grows companies. They also provide project generation and advisory services. to public and private companies. Over the last year, several new ZimtuAdvantage Contracts have been announced with publicly traded companies. Most of Zimtu’s portfolio holdings are trending up since 2016.

• We saw Glance Technologies Inc. (CSE:GET) quintupling (+464%) its share price within short time, trading +140 million shares in Canada and +10 million shares in Germany in the last 90 days.

• We saw Bonterra Resources Inc. (TSX.V:BTR) discovering new high-grade gold zones in Québec, followed by strategic investments from Sprott and Kinross (trading +100 million shares in Canada and +20 million in Germany in the last 90 days).

• We saw MGX Minerals Inc. (CSE:XMG) trading signifcant volumes (about 100 million shares in Canada and 25 million shares in Germany in the last 90 days), increasing its market valuation to currently $66 million CAD. (All figures in CAD unless otherwise noted; trading volumes see here.)

• We saw Far Resources Ltd. (CSE:FAT) drilling its Zoro pegmatites in Manitoba and returning high-grade lithium results over significant lengths (+310 million shares traded in Canada and about 20 million in Germany in the last 90 days, with the results of a tripling share price).

• We saw True Leaf Medicine Int. Ltd. (CSE:MJ) jumping above $0.80 recently (+50 million shares in Canada and +15 million in Germany in the last 90 days), while awaiting Health Canada’s potential grant to become a licenced cannabis producer and expanding its hemp-based pet product line. Zimtu Capital holds +1.4 million shares.

Dave Hodge (President of Zimtu Capital Corp.) at a recent conference in Toronto, Canada.

There are several other Zimtu portfolio holdings that are working hard to become the next outperformers.

• We are seeing ParcelPal Technology Inc. (CSE:PKG) doing a deal recently with Zimtu Capital – the technology venture space in Canada provides vast opportunities as Glance Technologies has been showing. ParcePal is on a mission to become the “Uber” in the delivery market. After the current financing at $0.05 (with half a warrant at $0.075 for 2 years), the company will be ready to execute its ambitious plans.

• We are seeing Golden Dawn Minerals Inc. (TSX.V:GOM) consolidating and reviving BC’s historic Greenwood Mining District, and becoming the dominant land holder next to Kinross. Recently, Golden Dawn started to dewater the Lexington Underground Mine to start test mining and processing at its own mill. In the last 90 days, almost 70 million shares traded in Canda while 85 million shares changed hands in Germany (market cap.: $30 million). Zimtu holds +890,000 shares plus 600,000 warrants.

• We are seeing Voltaic Minerals Corp. (TSX.V:VLT) doing something similar as MGX Minerals, i.e. working on novel process engineering solutions for complex lithium brines in North America. Initial results are expected in the next weeks. With a current market capitalization of less than $4 million, significant upside potential is given. Zimtu Capital holds +5.5 million shares.

• We are seeing 92 Resources Corp. (TSX.V:NTY) getting ready to put the very first holes in its Hidden Lake pegmatites near Yellowknife, NWT. A drill success, like Far Resources (market cap.: $25 million) is having, may also lead to a significant appreciation of 92 Resources (market cap.: $6 million). Zimtu holds +2.3 million shares and +2.3 million warrants.

• We are seeing Commerce Resources Corp. (TSX.V:CCE) working diligently on a pre-feasability study for its Ashram REE Deposit in Quebec, while REE prices have picked up considerably over the last months and may signal the shift to a new bull market in critical commodities, e.g. Toshiba´s new fast-charging titanium-niobium battery could triple the range of electric vehicle. Commerce traded +70 million shares in Canada and +100 million shares in Germany in the last 90 days. Zimtu owns +17 million shares plus 14 million warrants.

• We are seeing many other of Zimtu’s portfolio holdings advancing well with their projects. Zimtu has proven its multi-facetted business strategy and offers its shareholders exposure to a number of opportunities, which could ignite any time.

• The foundation of Zimtu’s strategy is a tight share structure: 15.4 million shares issued and outstanding (18.4 million shares fully diluted).

• With a current market capitalization of less than $4 million, Zimtu Capital holds +80 million shares of +50 publicly listed companies (plus +50 million warrants). As of November 30, 2016, Zimtu Capital’s investments had a value of $7.4 million. Six months later, its investments were valued at $11.5 million (as of May 31, 2017, Interim Statements of Financial Position).

• Not only Rockstone believes that we are now seeing the very early stages of another bull market in venture equities, poised to accelerate any time. Zimtu is positioning itself strategically to take full advantage of this opportunity.

• The strategy is straight-forward: Early-stage entrance by Zimtu into many companies, help them on many fronts (where necessary), and then watch them progress and grow.

• The results is a constantly growing and well-diversified equity portfolio, which has been performing strongly since 2016.

• For the last 16 years, Zimtu participated in financings of +$100 million, with a management and network of industry veterans, i.e. opportunity finders. The fruits of their labor is coming to light now (again). An appreciation by investors occurred during the last bull market, and may happen again with the next bull.

• Almost all of Zimtu’s holdings are advancing projects in safe and stable jurisdictions, first and foremost in North America and Europe.

• With its strong ties to Europe, Zimtu continues to organize its annual Roadtrip to Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt and Munich (coming up again in late October).

• To follow the German-Canadian markets more efficiently and to find investing opportunities, Zimtu’s new tech department has launched its innovative AdvantageApp, where you can track all +1,500 interlisted stocks and see where the action is (see more details here).

Overall, Zimtu Capital is well-positioned for the next bull market and still trading well below the market value of its investments, providing shareholders with a well-balanced exposure to early and advanced stage venture companies, which it believes to become outperformers. If this continues to be the case, Zimtu Capital’s stock is poised to become an outperformer itself.

Full version / The above performance table is available here with monthly updates.

Live stock charts can be tracked here.

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Live quote, charts and much more from all +1,500 stocks listed in Canada and Germany can be tracked with the Zimtu AdvantageApp (also available here within the Rockstone website).

Overview of Zimtu Capital’s core equity holdings can be tracked here.

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Company Details

Zimtu Capital Corp.
Suite 1450 - 789 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC, V6C1H2 Canada
Phone: +1 604 681 1568
Email: (Scott Rose)

Shares Issued & Outstanding: 15,394,483


Canadian Symbol (TSX.V): ZC
Current Price: $0.25 CAD (10/06/2017)
Market Capitalization: $3.9 Million CAD


German Symbol / WKN (Tradegate): ZCT1 / A0RDR9
Current Price: €0.169 EUR (10/06/2017)
Market Capitalization: €2.6 Million EUR

Disclaimer: Please read the full disclaimer within the above mentioned full research report as a PDF (here), because fundamental risks and conflicts of interest exist.

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Name: Zimtu Capital Corp.
Canada Symbol: ZC
Germany Symbol / WKN: ZCT1 / A0RDR9
Shares Issued & Outstanding: 15,394,483
Phone: +1 604 681 1568
Email: (Scott Rose)

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