Initial tests successful for the Lithium Extraction Process

Picture from Voltaic´s Coporate Presentation, June 2017

Today, Voltaic Minerals Corp. has started to report results from phase-1 testing of selectively extracting lithium from non-conventional brines. The company´s technology partner, Lithium Selective Technologies Inc. ("LiST"), provided an interim update from their facilty in northern California after having completed preliminary testing using its "hybrid technology".

Most importantly, LiST confirms initial tests as "successful for the Lithium Extraction Process" and "is pleased to confirm they have produced solutions with significant enhancement of Lithium concentration and Lithium/Calcium ratios in its initial screening tests". This now represents the first major technical milestone for LiST, Voltaic and its shareholders going forward. William Bourcier commented in today´s press-release

"We are very pleased that our initial process results confirmed our ability to enhance Lithium concentration of non-conventional brine. We are extremely optimistic that increased selectivity performance and concentration enhancement can be expected as optimization testing proceeds."

LiST intends to have their data analyzed by a third-party laboratory for independent verification. LiST´s stated objective is the development of an economically viable process for Voltaic that would put them into the lowest quartile of lithium production costs from natural brines in the United States. Tom Currin, Voltaic´s Project Manager, commented:

“If successful, this process could create value from known resources in the US and globally. The company is incorporating selective techniques, used commercially in mineral extraction and water treatment, in a novel fashion to achieve a result not yet seen in the lithium process sector.” 

As it was stated today that "LiST will be issuing periodic updates of their process development work and achieved results as optimization testing continues", Voltaic is now entering a highly significant phase of reporting results, which have company-making potential. According to today´s news:

"Lithium Selective Technologies Inc. technical team has over 85 years of combined Lithium processing experience and is extremely optimistic about the potential that the extraction method could economically process non-conventional brines and effectively unlock such brines across the globe. LiST is currently using artificial brine that is similar in nature to the Green Energy brine identified in historic fluid analysis."

Voltaic was one of the first companies entering the Paradox Basin in Utah for its lithium potential, backed by the experience of Director Foster Wilson (see June 2016 interview here), who has worked in the basin for decades and as such can be considered as one of the leading experts of this historically lithium-rich basin. With his help, Voltaic has acquired and staked a property package, the Green Energy Project, which they have interpreted as the most favourable part of the Paradox Basin for the potential access and production of lithium-rich brines.

Oil well of Kane Springs Federal 27-1 (Jan. 2017; source: Voltaic Minerals Corp.)

Full version / Illustration of oil and gas wells historically and currently drilled on and around the Green Energy Property. (Source: Voltaic´s Coporate Presentation, June 2017)

• In the general 50 square mile area, approximately 55 oil and gas wells have been drilled.

• Voltaic acquired well logs, well files, cement bond logs on 25 wells to carry out further analysis.

• 10 of the 25 wells were production cased with substantial brine flow data.

• 5 of the 10 wells are located on the Green Energy Property, which are ideal candidates for a 20,000 liter bulk sample. 

• Historically indicated brine flows of 500,000 tonnes of brine per year or 1,420 tonnes Lithium Carbonate per year. 

Source: Voltaic´s Coporate Presentation, June 2017

About Voltaic 

Voltaic Minerals Corp. is a Vancouver-based Lithium exploration company which owns 100% of the Green Energy Lithium Project that encompasses 4,160 acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) claims and is in Grand County, 15 km west of the city of Moab, Utah. Lithium and other minerals occur at the property in an over-saturated brine (40% minerals, 60% water) discovered during historic oil exploration when drill wells intercepted Clastic Bed #14 of the Paradox formation. Voltaic Minerals Corp. and Lithium Selective Technologies Inc. are continuing to work very closely on developing the lithium extraction process. Under the exclusivity agreement, both LiST and Voltaic will continue work toward the finalization of a definitive agreement, but need more results of testing in order to do so. The definitive agreement is intended to govern the utilization of the lithium extraction process worldwide on non-conventional brines. As a result, Voltaic and LiST have mutually agreed to extend the exclusivity agreement to incorporate further testing. Voltaic also has a strategic relationship with well reputed Stormcrow Capital for independent verification and strategic introductions.    

June 2016 Interview with Foster Wilson, Director of Voltaic Minerals


Technical Perspective

Updated chart

Updated chart  

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Disclaimer: The author, Stephan Bogner, holds a long position in Voltaic Minerals Corp. and is paid, on a monthly basis, by Zimtu Capital Corp. which company is also invested in Voltaic Minerals Corp. Please read the full disclaimer within the full research report as a PDF (here) as fundamental risks and conflicts of interest exist.

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