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SHARC Energy Systems are pleased to announce the creation of their European Headquarters at Clyde Gateway’s Red Tree Building in Bridgeton, Glasgow to accelerate the deployment of pioneering renewable heat technology, helping businesses make vital savings in energy, costs and carbon emissions.

The UK-based company, a wholly owned European arm of Vancouver-based International Wastewater Systems Inc. (“IWS” or the “Company”) (CSE:IWS) (FRANKFURT:IWI), will make Scotland its main operational hub, creating jobs and furthering the development of Scotland’s low carbon economy.

The SHARC technology, already used internationally, intercepts waste water that is flushed down the drain from Scotland’s homes and businesses.  SHARC’s heat pump technology amplifies the natural warmth within the sewer system, generating clean, renewable thermal energy for commercial and residential buildings, reducing heating costs and carbon emissions.

The announcement follows on the back of a £5million grant recently awarded to SHARC by the Scottish Government Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme to extend the installation of innovative heat technology at five locations across Scotland, including the Clyde Gateway development schemes at Shawfield and Dalmarnock.

The funding has given SHARC a solid platform on which to expand its manufacturing operation by recruiting new employees and establishing a dedicated Scottish office which is expected to become the headquarters for all UK and European SHARC activity.

Commenting on the announcement Russ Burton (COO) International Wastewater Systems said:

The Clyde Gateway development presents a very exciting opportunity for the company and demonstrates the commitment we have to proactively participate inthe development of Scotland’s Green economy.”

 “With a potential heating demand of 22MW, the Clyde Gateway development creates an opportunity to demonstrate the capacity of our technology to deliver a truly carbon efficient district heat network service.

 “The additional opportunity to take space on the development and potentially establish the Clyde Gateway as our home for our operations, could also provide us with the additional production capacity we need to meet the increasing demand for our products across the EU.

 “Having developed a strong working relationship with the Clyde Gateway team, alongside recognising Glasgow’s geographical location and highly skilled engineering workforce, we believe our ambitions will be well served by this opportunity.”

 Commenting on the announcement, Martin McKay, Executive Director of Regeneration at Clyde Gateway said:

“We are delighted that IWS has chosen Clyde Gateway as the location for its European headquarters. Our introduction to SHARC Energy Systems came through earlier work we were undertaking in the field of a local supply of low-cost, efficient and environmentally sustainable energy. It is an exciting concept that they are developing in terms of using a significant waste water resource, right in the heart of our regeneration area, to heat and cool buildings that we are looking to develop.”

 SHARC Energy Systems has been working in a joint partnership with Scottish Water Horizons, a commercial subsidiary of Scottish Water, to enable access to Scotland’s sewer system to expand and accelerate the implementation of sewage heat recovery systems.

Donald MacBrayne, Business Development Manager at Scottish Water Horizons, commented: “We are delighted that SHARC Energy Systems have based their manufacturing operations in Scotland.  We are determined to maximise the opportunity of the natural heat beneath our streets to provide customers with a lower cost heating solution.

Generating heat from waste water has huge potential across Scotland.  The technology is well placed to support both urban and rural demand, bringing with it additional employment opportunities and making a significant contribution to Scotland’s green energy ambitions’.

Lynn Mueller (CEO) International Wastewater Systems commented: “This is a very exciting opportunity for the company that demonstrates our enthusiasm for supporting the renewable energy journey that Scotland is pioneering, as well as confirming the use of sewage heat exchange as a vehicle for highly efficient district heating and cooling solutions”

“During a recent district heating network event in North America, I was very excited to discover that sewage heat exchange is under serious consideration as a vehicle for district heating and cooling systems across the world and our ability to support these ambitious programs to reduce the GHGE’s from a buildings heating and cooling requirements is significant.”



Funding from the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP) – managed through the Scottish Government – has been granted to enable the development of five new projects that will play a pioneering role in transforming heating systems at various commercial and local authority sites.  These include:

-- Kelvingrove Art Museum, Glasgow
-- Aqualibrium Leisure Centre, Campbeltown
-- Pickaquoy Leisure Centre, Orkney
-- Clyde Gateway district heating network (Shawfield and Dalmarnock Developments)
-- Stirling district heating network

The Borders College campus in Galashiels was the first example in the UK of heat being extracted from the waste water network using SHARC technology, helping the college to realise 150 tonnes a year of carbon savings against their carbon reduction commitments.


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