ZKSH will supply its permanent magnet to Tesla for the next three years

Chinese listed magnetic material company Beijing Zhong Ke San Huan Hi-Tech Company (ZKSH) has announced the signing of an agreement to supply Tesla Motors with neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnets for the next three years.

The largest NdFeB producer in China, ZKSH is also the second-largest in the world in terms of NdFeB magnets, with a capacity of 18,000 tpa. The purchase price will be confirmed with each order, the company said.

In Q1-Q3, ZKSH had a turnover of Chinese Renminbi (Rmb) 2.55bn ($371.3m), down 1% y-o-y, while Q3 net profit rose 25% to Rmb 231m.

NdFeB magnets use neodymium, sometimes dysprosium and praseodymium. According to China Customs, Q1-Q3 neodymium exports stood at 360 tonnes, worth $14.47m, down 4.5% and 23% y-o-y respectively.

Half is exported to Japan, followed by Europe and the Americas. Permanent magnet exports in the three quarters reached 19,900 tonnes, up 15% y-o-y. Leading buyers were Germany, Hong Kong, the US, South Korea, Denmark, Vietnam and Thailand.


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25.11.2016 10:36:54
Tesla electric car will spend permanent magnet motor to adapt to market
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As a new energy automotive industry´s "big brother", Tesla´s every move popular attention recently, Tesla purchase NdFeB magnets used to drive the motor of its electric vehicle, the Tesla convey to the outside world began abandon induction motor drive route blindly hang on, we began to use the new energy field of the most widely used rare earth permanent magnet direct drive motor signals.

Prior to that, on the one hand because the electric car Tesla has been using its own drive motor is a three-phase induction motor (asynchronous motor), can tolerate significant temperature changes, the induction motor output torque can be adjusted within a wide range, high-speed range good efficiency and low cost. However, due to the unilateral asynchronous induction motor excitation current required to produce units of torque more, and therefore large energy consumption; and lagging power factor, high efficiency zone narrow, the stator active and reactive excitation current and thus low-power (especially in constant torque region), thereby restricting vehicle performance.

The permanent magnet motor compared to the three-phase induction motor, it has the advantage of efficient wide area, energy efficiency, small size, light weight and so on.Although having a complex structure, the control system complex and costly disadvantage, however, that the industry forefront, from the current demand for electric vehicles and overall economic point of view, energy-efficient comprehensive ability of life is the most important.

Therefore, the choice of permanent magnet motor is a more sensible and in line with market needs choice. Which is committed to building the best electric car Tesla, the same applies.

Especially in the Chinese market, Tesla began walking on two legs: one is to take the high-end positioning of the electric car of the road, opened a new rare earth permanent magnet drive route, in order to fit the general needs of the Chinese market.

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